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Students have rights.  These rights are often ignored by the education system and the bureacrats who run universities and colleges.  The parents of students often struggle with how to make sure the their children are being treated fairly.  If you or your child has been treated unfairly by a school district or instition of learning, they may need an attorney to advocate for their rights.


Education has been at the fore front of attorney Frank Venis's professsional life. His first career was as a public school teacher.  While serving as a naval officer at Great Lakes, he supervised a school that trained thousands of sailors in information systems technology.  He later worked as an aide to the Dean of the University of Illinois College of Law. 



Students have legal rights. When these rights are violated or ignored by school administrators, they need legal representation to redress these violations. The attorneys of Venis and Copp LLP have represented students at all levels of the education system in administrative hearings and law suits against school districts and universities. Our results include:


- Getting a graduate student reinstated to a doctoral program.

- Preparing college students for administrative and disciplinary hearings

- Preventing a student with special education needs from being expelled by an elementary 

- Negotiationg settlement on behalf of a child whose need for educational services were not met


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